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The 3 Reasons Why You Should Use Products With Sun Protection

African women have this steadfast belief that their skin is made of titanium, that it would take a lot to damage African skin. Fact is, our skin is nearly as fragile as that of our milky brothers and sisters. What hurts them could hurt us. And one of the factors that cause damage to Caucasian skin is the sun

The sun is one natural entity we look upon with mixed feelings. While it has its benefits (like providing Vitamin D which is good for our body) prolonged exposure to the sun could be damaging. The sun exudes UV rays which in concentrated form could lead to cancer. Melanin (what makes our skin dark) offers little protection from the sun.

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It’s not practical to say we should never go out in the sun but we can protect our skin by using products with sun protection. SPF means sun protection factor and it simply informs you how well the product will protect you from the sun.

Reasons to use products with Sun Protection Factor.

1. Skin protection

Sun Protection Factor will protect your skin and reduce the damage caused by the sun. It also prevents the development of skin cancer.

2. Even skin tone

Constant exposure to the sun will darken your skin. You would have noticed that the parts of your body usually exposed is darker than the rest of your body. Sun Protection Factor works as an even tone. It protects the exposed part of your skin so you have an even skin tone.

3. Protects against premature aging

Sun Protection Factor keeps your skin stretched and in doing so, slows down the development of wrinkles.

A few of the skin problems we cry about like redness of the skin and inflammation are caused by exposure to UV rays emitted by the sun. Protecting your skin will reduce the occurrence of those skin problems.

How to recognize products with Sun Protection Factor

To recognize products with SPF, look at the body of the product. It’s usually written boldly because its considered a source of attraction. A lot of body products have SPF – from body lotions to foundations to lipsticks.

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SPF is a measure of how much your skin would be protected from the sun so you may see products with SPF 15, SPF 24 & SPF 30.

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