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5 Crazy But true facts About Matters of the Heart



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You can laugh all you want but there are so many things that never cease to amaze me whenever the subject, “Matters of the Heart” comes up. As a person, adult in quote, relationship is something that is one of the things that is most talked about.

In every clique of friends, each of them have their own ideology when it comes to their relationship. So we decided to present to you some of the crazy facts but looking deep they make sense concerning matters of the heart.

Crazy Facts on Matters of the Heart

  • Singles tend to give advice the Most

This is funny but it happens a lot. Most at times we often see our single friends giving advice about love and relationship and it makes you wonder why they are still single.

  • People in bad and abusive relationship know it’s bad but believe it will get better

Is just like staying in fire and hoping it will not burn you, but the reality still is that, most of the victims don’t leave or end the relationship once they see the signs . They feel sooner or later the relationship will get better. Giving the relationship a second chance is usually their excuse. A second chance turns to a third and so on. I believe they should understand when to actually let go and move on.

  • When you are In love You Unlock The Emotional side of you,that you never knew existed.

Love has a way of unlocking your soft spot, I guess that’s why people act differently and most times,  you start to notice feelings you never knew existed.

  • Mutuality is the key for a perfect relationship but difficult to find

If love is not mutual is not going to work, it’s just like paddling a boat,one sided. It takes two to tangle, so if it’s not mutual, it’s not going to work and this is where the problem lies.

  • Love is crazy

This is my last point here but not the least, am sure that anyone that has been in love can relate. It makes you do things you begin to ask yourself why did even do this?. Craziness is when you make someone else happiness an important priority.

Please add your own fact to the list and it will be published.

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