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Must Read: A Glimpse of Depression

depression relationshipbay

I became selfish, I felt I was been thoughtful and kind by my actions. I have succeeded in creating a wall around me and chasing away everyone from my life. My family members had tried to understand what was actually going on in my life but to no avail, I …

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New Month Motivation-July Message!!

relationship bay

Yes is pass HALF of the year, to some you feel accomplished while others feel otherwise. Questions arise, thought build-up, but hey!! You have come a long way and still have same. Take a chill pill it will be okay, besides 7 (seven) is said to be a lucky number.There …

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A Must Read Story!!-The Artiste

artiste relationshipbay

    During a community meeting a young female artiste was called upon to draw a portrait, a portrait that would  be kept at the entrance to the community so that it will be the first thing anyone sees  as they entered the community, in other to enable them to …

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Key To Success and Self Discovery

happy girl relationshipbay

Many people aspire to reach great heights in life. Success at one point or the other has been desired by a person, which leads to self-satisfaction. Where the problems lies is how to succeed, success is not just doing something and boom!! success  explodes with it, there are certain things …

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