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Date Night episode one

Flabbergasted I can’t believe I actually accepted to go on a date, wondering what to wear I turned my entire room upside down. Almost all my clothes portrayed ” not-in-date mood” .

Wait, does it mean I have to go and buy new sets of clothes just because Kelvin asked me out. Jesse are you the one considering this, Thinking to myself.
Knock!! Knock!! Who in the world is that, I need my space I lamented.

Shortly after I heard a bang on the door right about immediately my phone rang, “ewo!!, could this be an ambush”. Safe guarding myself, I quickly stretched to my phone, then noticed is an unknown number. The curiosity mounts up, sneaking through the window, I barely saw the person standing in front of my door.

What the hell!! I exclaimed,I am not a criminal. Only to open the door and it was my crazy friend Barbie. Looking at her intensely, I sighed and walked away.
Barbie is my “jump in conclusion friend”, certainly the last person, I wanted to know I was going on a date.

I decided to keep my cool, then asked her why she wanted to scare the hell out of me. “Nne, are you going somewhere? Or expecting someone different?” she asked. “Are you using jazz” I replied, then ended the discussion there.

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Out rightly she tells me to go buy a new cloth if I was preparing for a date. i looked at her and didn’t say anything but only nodded my head, deep inside I wanted her to go but guess what, she wanted to stay more.

Remembering I told kelvin by 8pm gave me goose bumps. The question of What to wear, what to say, how to act made me uncomfortable. Am more of a serious minded girl, I hate dates, am not girly.

Out of the blues I gave this long sigh, even Barbie got confused, at first she thought I didn’t find her story interesting but unknown to her my mind was somewhere else. “Calm down oo, am not the cause of your problems” she quickly tells me. Later on I made her understand I was deep in thought.

I have decided to cancel the date, so I started the excuse to give game. Finally I thought of something, then decided to call kelvin but his line was switched off, so I dropped a text. Something came up bla bla…..

Arranging my room, I felt relief. I finally had peace of mind. Kelvin and his wahala was over. Now Barbie is fully welcomed, relaxing with my friend I get another bang on the door.

Wondering who it was, I headed to the door regardless and unworried because my worry has been settled. Boom!! It was Kelvin…………….. to be continued

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