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Date night Episode Two

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Astonished, I didn’t know what overwhelmed me more, whether is how good he dressed or how badly I looked. Been in the state of euphoria and confusion, I quickly slammed the door.

Pacing round the room, I started clenching my fist and sweating in my balms profusely, “madam, why are you looking like you saw a ghost” Barbie asked as she munches my chips, I looked at her eating my favorite chip without any form of remorse, “Are you serious, am here confused and you are busy eating my chips,” in a higher tune I added “not just any chips but my favorite chips”, rolling my eyes I snatched it away from her.

Barbie got tired of my unusual drama, took the chips back from me and asked what the problem was, still shaking I told her “Kelvin is here”.

Still confused she asked “who is Kelvin and why is he not inside the house”, in a lower tune, I replied “he is my date”.

Barbie being crazy, started shouting and jumping, literally she screamed so hard I joined her.

Afterwards, the what are we gonna do syndrome started , I ran to my room, ran back to the sitting room, picked up my tooth brush, then dropped it, finally I sat down. Wait oo, I am Jesse, I need to look at this as a professional I thought to myself.

With a frowned and sarcastic face, Barbie looked at me and asked if I was alright, I assured her I am a professional and will handle the problem “Kelvin” like an object, then fix the situation, all said rolling my eyes.

Knock!! Knock!!, “Am still here, am so sorry I came late” kelvin screamed from outside. I replied him on a high tune “Am sick or I have s…” “no!! no!!, something came up”.

Tired of the craziness, Barbie forged towards the door, I quickly tried to stop her then she said “if he is handsome, I will open the door, else I slam it” winking her eyes. Regardless she stubbornly opened the door.

Impressed, she then marshaled him in, apologizing for keeping him standing outside, “my friend can be …….I don’t know some times” Barbie added.

Placing his hands on his waist, while looking at me squarely, “shebi you are ready, let’s go”. I began to murmur, “How can I go on a date like this”, I replied then he added “you look beautiful”.

Stating one thousand and one reasons why I should not go, Barbie pushed me into the bathroom, cruelly she said “smelly girls, chases the men away,” sighing she added “baff and brush your teeth, then continue your argument”.

I mumuishly concurred, even Barbie was surprised on how easily I agreed, that’s the effect of been nervous.

As I had my bath, Barbie connived with Kelvin to embarrass me. She asked him “do you really like my friend” he said yes, then she added “waiting for her to agree is like waiting for internet food to become real, think like a man”.

Feeling fresh I stated my debate lines, ready to deal with Kelvin. But I got the biggest shock of my life. Immediately I stepped out, he looked at me, stood up, at that point I got confused, and literally Kelvin picked me up.

I just kept quiet, wondering the charm he used and worried about my chips Barbie would soon finish and also if he was carrying me to a fine car, not withholding myself I shouted “I hope you came with a car, I don’t have strength for taxi, is night oo”.

Kelvin laughed so hard he told me, let’s watch and see……to be continued
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