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Left in the cold arms of myself, I watched my mother walk away and fell to the embrace of my baby brother. I sat down there waiting for her to reassure me of her support, but to no avail, my desire turned to hope.

Storming into the house, my father in a loud tune asked for who was at home, I knew at that moment I had a greater war at hand. Quickly I rushed into my room, sincerely speaking am not in the mood for another hot berating.

I locked the door quickly and rushed under my bed, in a funny way I felt safer there. Few minutes later I started hearing series of noise, I wondered what was wrong. I couldn’t take it any longer so I decided to step out of the room to see if all was well.

Peeping through the door I heard my father berating my mum, telling her she has been pampering me that’s why I don’t take anything serious, on hearing what my father was saying I realized that my performance not only affected me but those that really love  me.

Notwithstanding the accusation been bewailed on my mother I stormed out from my hiding zone, still overwhelmed by what took over me, I screamed “is all my fault not mum’s”. Looking at me in a fierce way my father slowly moves towards me.

I entered a state of confusion, I didn’t know what to do. At that moment, I   wanted to slap myself for been so stupid speaking out, I would have just allowed my mother receive all his anger.

 Instantly I flashed back to when I was in junior class, I experienced my father’s rage, when he repeatedly asked me to do something but I reluctantly ignored him rather I preferred playing. At the height of his anger also been a full fleshed Nigerian father he fiercely approached me which resulted to me waking up minutes later after experiencing the thunder he mounted on me.

Standing in the state of dilemma with the oozing hot energy radiating from his body I hoped for the worse …….to be continued.

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