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I Found The Key Episode Two


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Heading towards the stream to fetch water, on stepping in, the river made a loud noise and turned pale blue immediately.

I was so scared I ran out, dashing into the road where I felt safe; panting vigorously I tried to calm myself down.

Only to meet a scarier scene of the leaves and trees surrounding me laughing, the scenario was so overwhelming I started running, and then the worst happened, the ground joined in.

Everything surrounding me started laughing, including the ground I stumbled on.

I cried out, feeling so confused I wished I could end this horrific scenario. But it got worse, so I decided to rush into the nearest house, only to be locked out upon reaching the door.

Every house I tried to enter just laughed at me and sent me out. I became so confused, I wanted to end the nightmare. I decided to ignore the laughing nature and try my best to reach home.
Moving towards the direction that felt like home, my vision became blurring.

I can’t believe this, going home is now the problmem, trying to open my eyes I managed to see what looked like a hand stretching out to pour sand into my eyes, I went blank .

I became stranded, confused, scared and worried.
All alone, no help, no support, I couldn’t find the direction to my safe heaven. I am stuck and doomed. Breathing so hard, I started sweating profusely.

Finally I cried out screaming “mummy!! Save me oo”.

At that point my grandmother woke me up. This time my mother held me so tight, saying “I am with you my child”.
I cried out into reality, I felt so ashamed, the first words that came out of my mouth was thank God it was just a dream.

But the dream saved me some berating from my mother, my heart is still awaiting horror in reality when I tell them my bad result…. To be continued in the next episode.

Wondering what would happen, don’t forget to check in Thursday.
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  1. Nice one dear

  2. Nice write up Pearl

  3. How I wish I were there to rescue the epitome of beauty. The natural black African. Where was I ?.. Was I sleeping in the other side of the world?, or busy doing nothing and the Queen of Africa was else where seeing herself in the state of dismay . Oh! Nature why have you cheated me? You kept me away why Miss Pearl was stranded looking for rescue and no one was there to bell the cat; what a world!!. May such malady never occur again while I am away!…, Miss Pearl I shield tears as if it was a fact ,too emotional.. Bravo Zulu to you brainstorming…. Waiting to see more of it but not terrifying as these…lol. More! More!! More!!!!

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