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I Found The Key: Debut Episode

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Clenching my fist, I prayed and hoped that my aggregate this session will get me into the list of prospective grant to be offered next session. I am among those students that has never enjoyed a kobo of the community grants.

Every session I give my mother high hopes that this time around I would bring back home the ultimate gift, but continuously I fail on that and I just did that again today.

I seriously hate seeing my results, it’s very tiring and filled with undiluted emotions, most especially today’s own because am entering my final year in secondary school and anyone that gets a very good grade might be lucky enough to get higher institution scholarship.

I felt defeated as I walked back home, miserable was the word best used to describe me. My home became a hell to return to but it’s better that been in school.

On reaching home, I sighted my grandmother sitting in front of the house, under a shade, picking melon seeds, as she listens to reggae music which she loves dearly.

I breathed a sigh of relief because she was just the person I wanted to see.

“Good soul”, my grandmother called me as she watched me walk sadly back home. My child, what’s the problem? She asked while staring at me intensely.

Feeling Overwhelmed in grief , I responded saying mama I have lost the key again, at that moment I bursted into tear while repeatedly lamenting on how my parents would be so disappointed in me again.

My grandmother quickly embraced me tightly and whispered to my ears, saying that I was the key.

Massaging my back I slept off, diving through lola land where I found peace but my visit this time was not as pleasant as the others because my conscious state kept on intruding, reminding me of what awaits me when I wake up……..to be continued.

Wondering what would happen next? Then check in on Sunday to find out.
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