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I found the key Episode Three

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I am busted, I have to face the consequences of my actions, and not even the horrific dream could save me now. Still in the state of awe caused by the dream I started the sneaking around game.

Nowhere feels comfortable, “mummy has to know” My grandmother taped me at the back and wishes me luck as I went to answer the call from my mother, she then added “After the heat, come to my room for reggae cool off”. I smug while fidgeting to my execution room.

At almost peeing point, knocking and opening the door to her room was like opening the door of doom hole with a gun pointed at my head, at the worst moment my little brother started crying, so my mother rushed out, unfortunately I bumped into her. Ashamed of myself I looked away.

Starring furiously at me she said soul piercing words “you promised to do better, but you never put in hard work, only to dream and tell stories. Am tired!!”.

I couldn’t control myself, I felt so bad. I quickly knelt before my mother crying profusely. I promised to make better choice. For the first time my mother left me hanging in a suspicious state, not giving any consolatory word.

Am all alone, I cried so hard, I crawled back to her. She looked at me …………..to be continued

Wondering what would happen next? Then check in on Sunday to find out.

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  1. The 3rd paragraph reminded me the day I
    break my mumy’s Calabash where I went to fetch water for her. It was like a bomb blast when she got to know or had cognizance of what I did, she nearly slain the son of man how much more…a whole lots of disappointment.

    I love your brainstorming “Empress”… Bravo Zulu and keep it coming

  2. Nice work dear…keep it up

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