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Must Read:Clearing my Skies(part 2)

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On reaching the crowd I felt a grip on my upper arm, I tried to shout but my mouth was covered immediately, I was really scared because it was very early in the morning and I couldn’t see clearly plus the smoke all up in the air, as I tried to overcome the person, unknown to me was my mother not until I heard her say to me “what are you doing here?, who is with your siblings and why did you even think of leaving the house”, I felt relieved because at a moment I thought I was in great danger.

I stared at my mother while she waited for my response, then she added “okay, now  you will not talk” I turned my face away as I told her I wanted to know why the environment was not peaceful, then she told  me to go back home that she will be back to explain things.

I obeyed my mother, on reaching the door to my house, I saw a feather that looked like that of my regular visitor “Pico” the bird, I wondered why so I decided to head to my room while holding the feather, to my greatest surprise I saw a deranged “Pico” right at the spot she always come every other morning, she looked pale with one of her eyes black and one of her leg heavily wounded.

Hot tears fell through my chicks as I picked her up and cried, I saw my friend looking dying. Pico tried to whistle as usual but sounded cranky, I cried the more, filled with anger I looked to the sky and said “I will restore the clear skies”.

I tried to see if I could resuscitate Pico, am not a vet doctor but I had local medical administrative skills learned from my parents, haven lived in a community surrounded by nature and trees which are medicinal most children here got those skills. I rushed outside to see I if I could pluck some herbs but they didn’t look fresh then I remembered my mother had prepared something earlier on, so I headed back to the house. To the best of my ability I administered first-aid to Pico and prayed she recovered.

 Few hours later my parents walked in to the sitting room agitated, the land which was so peaceful and quit became unbearable, after a while my father called us all, I was surprised to what happened next…………..to be continued in the final episode

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