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November Series:I Found The Key

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Am perceived as a day dreamer, I love to tell stories, sometime they call me the decent gossiper because I talk a lot about things that might never exist. My imaginative nature can be wild.

The slightest opportunity I get, I began to day dream ,spending alot of time in lola land.My mother has gotten tired of me and had accepted the fact that, sleeping, telling crazy stories and dreaming were my hobbies and lifestyle.

I am Ola the story teller.

Been a teenager in a small community like this, is actually interesting, but with time its gets tougher for me because am been faced with a lot of challenges.

I want to be a successful woman, but they say is only but a dream.

One would look at my life as that child that would not go far and to some extent, am beginning to feel the same way.

Education they say is the key, but I feel I might never find that key, as I continue to never understand the direction of where the key is.

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