Must Read :Clearing My Skies

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I have always loved the view from the hill top, most times I feel am on top of the world. I get to see the “big city”. I love it here in my little town, surrounded by beautiful trees, spring which sprouted from the rock near our narrow river. When …

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Must Read: A Glimpse of Depression

depression relationshipbay

I became selfish, I felt I was been thoughtful and kind by my actions. I have succeeded in creating a wall around me and chasing away everyone from my life. My family members had tried to understand what was actually going on in my life but to no avail, I …

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Trending This Season,Ankara & Lace Mixup!!

Ankara &Lace relationshipbay

Hot and trending this season is the ankara and lace mixup. Whether is for that upcoming wedding or casual wear to look chic, you don’t have to be scared to try out this invoke combination. The combination can be done with any type and texture of either lace or ankara …

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New!! New!! To Relationship Bay-#ExpressBay

expressbay relationshipbay

Happy Monday all, hope is going well. I must say the year is running ?? and unfortunately we have to join it. Am pleased and excited to tell you all about a new platform here happening life and direct in relationship bay but it can only work if we all …

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New Month Motivation-July Message!!

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Yes is pass HALF of the year, to some you feel accomplished while others feel otherwise. Questions arise, thought build-up, but hey!! You have come a long way and still have same. Take a chill pill it will be okay, besides 7 (seven) is said to be a lucky number.There …

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