These Three Common Ingredients Can Lighten Dark Armpits

clean armpit

Dark armpits kills self confidence faster than anything else… You know how you’re slaying but always have to remember never to lift your arms? This is probably because you’re ashamed of people seeing those black pits that are plaguing your life. Dark armpits can be embarrassing but that doesn’t mean …

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Top 10 Tips For A Happier Family

tips for a happier family

We all know that after courting, what comes next is getting married and the next challenge that comes up is raising a happy family. I must say that its not really easy to raise a happy family if the couple lacks any of the below tips for a happier family. …

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Why You Still Have Acne As An Adult

acne skin disease

Imagine how annoying it is to get over teenage acne in your 20’s and then learn the hard way that breakouts don’t necessarily end then. Coming to terms with adult acne is very difficult, so imagine acne and wrinkles at the same time, it does sound like a sick joke …

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