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Recommended: Basic Shoe Care Tips

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Having a long lasting shoe is what everyone yarns for, one might have few shoes but when they rock it you would think, they have several shoes because it still looks good and strong, well here is the secret “Maintenance”. Most at time people don’t value and take care of their shoes because they feel is something that concerns the feet. And please you don’t have to buy a shoe a million bucks to meet up to the taking care standards.

shoe care relationshipbay

Another question one would ask is, how do I go about caring for my shoes, say no more, you don’t need a book to do that .We have basic maintenance ethics that requires zero stress and happier shoes.


Basic caring tips

1 Allow your shoes to breathe


Most time we forget, we all need air including your shoes. Yes your shoes need air, not after been a lot. Exposing them to air boasts their life span by doing so the moisture accumulated during the day is dried. It is advised you arrange your shoes where they can get air. Air is very important.

2 Alternate Your Shoes

shoe care relationshipbay


Sometimes we may find attachments to one particular shoes, probably because it’s comfortable, easy to wear and all that, but considering the well being of the shoe should also be at the back of your mind. Wearing the shoe to death doesn’t prove your care for it. Its better you buy similar shoes than over stressing one. Give your shoe a break!!

3 Clean In and Out Of your Shoe

shoe care relationshipbay

 Shoes are not automated, they rely on you and I to keep them clean and well kept. Dirt increases the rate at which a shoe wears off. Don’t just clean the outer part of the shoe but the inside too. Then ensure it’s probably dried.

4 Wear Shoes On Clean Feet

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          This is a mistake done by most people, now lets imagine the scenario. Your feet is dirty, you put in the feet inside an enclosed shoe, sooner or later you sweat which results to a dangerous combo. The result of this is a smelly    and nasty shoe. Always try as much as possible to wear your shoes on a clean feet.

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